Dear Old Mississippi

Melodie Traditional USA
Text & Satz: Gottfried Weidauer
Hamburg, 2005

Vers 1

Dear old Mississippi, good old mystic stream,
dear old Mississippi, good friends we have been.
Ev’ry where I travelled, ev’ry where I go,
dear old Mississippi, missed you so.

Vers 2

Dear old Mississippi, did’nt treat me well,
dear old Mississippi, spoiled with tears that fell.
Sometimes you caused troubles, sometimes rescued me,
Mississippi friends are you and me.

Vers 3

Dear old Mississippi, murmuring moonlit place,
dear old Mississippi, view to stars and space,
sitting with my true love at your sweet green banks,
Mississippi you are my good friend.

Vers 4

Dear old Mississippi, here I learned to be.
Dear old Mississippi, where my soul felt free.
Playing, loughing children ev’ry where I see,
Mississippi you’re the home for me.

Vers 5

Dear old Mississippi, lived here with my wife.
Dear old Mississippi, for eternal life!
My true love is gone now, I feel so alone,
dear old Mississippi bring me home.

Vers 6

Dear old Mississippi, good old mystic stream.
Dear old Mississippi, good friends we have been,
I’ve found home in Jesus, for eternity,
Mississippi, friend, don´t wait for me!